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The '23 PCA Wish List

Generosity is a big part of our success. Email us at if you'd like to donate an item on our wish list. Used items are welcome! Also see list at the bottom of this webpage.

  • Log chains: Either 10-foot or 25-foot

  • Gas cards (like from New Horizons or Kwik Trip)

  • Materials for community science workshops

  • Water tank compatible with HPX615E John Deere Gator

  • Tree(s)

  • Stream bank reinforcement not covered by city grants (Up to $25,000)

  • Estate gifts

  • Endowment gifts

  • Contributions toward the seal coat of the trail

  • Pick-up truck

  • Cover one or both coordinators’ salaries (through endowed/long-term/one-time contribution)


  • Ron Weier! For two battery operated drills.

  • Kerry Long! A small refrigerator that can keep stuff cool for us.

  • BARD Materials! A gravel road to the PCA garage.

  • Ron Endres! 15 pounds of seeds for 28 species of native plants. This adds to the 20 pounds of seeds he donated the previous year.

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