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Final Note from the President

Greetings from the David Canny Rountree Branch Trail,

As of January, I will be stepping down from the presidency of the PCA board. I will continue to be on the PCA board/committees, and be on the trail regularly, as usual. I have been president for close to five years and now it is time to pass the baton to people with new ideas. The next president will be Joe Jacquinot. Joe lives in Platteville, has been an ongoing member of our board, and is heavily involved in the community. I think Joe has a great vision for the continued maintenance and improvement of our trail.

In my time as president, I believe that the DCRBT trail has contributed more to my life than I have to it. That is the neat thing about our trail. Our mission is about connection. In these years, I have had a great connection to the wonderful people of our board. I have enjoyed camaraderie with our volunteer coordinators. I have laughed and joked alongside our volunteers on the trail. I have connected with local businesses that generously donate and support our efforts. I have collaborated with local service groups who have been wonderful to us, like the Optimists, Kiwanis, Rotary, the Thrift Shop, Building Platteville, and the Chamber, just to name a few. The City of Platteville and the Platteville Fire Department have been incredible partners, from repairing river banks, removing debris from the river, and helping with controlled burns. Honestly, it is amazing to me how something as simple as a three-mile trail can bring so many people together with a common purpose. Wouldn't it be great if we could apply these things to the larger world as a whole?

Again, I am very proud of what our group has accomplished in the last five years and I hope you are too. One last gigantic THANK YOU to all of those that have contributed time and treasure to the PCA.

I will see you on the trail.


Bob Hundhausen, Former PCA President

Editor’s Tribute to Bob Hundhausen

Upon joining PCA, Bob made an immediate impact on the financial stability of PCA by helping the Finance Team grow corporate memberships to what today is now over 50 local businesses. As President, he has been instrumental developing the effective committee structure which continues to be enhanced as our volunteer organization grows. He has inspired and enabled the Dairy Days kettle corn sales, and calendar sales along with working with a major donor and artist to initiate trail art. Like David Canny, he embraced ‘cooperation within the community’ as demonstrated by PCA selling raffle tickets to benefit the Fire Department. Bob is a very positive leader whom we are all proud to work with. He has made a difference to PCA, Platteville and the many non-profits he is affiliated with. —Gene Weber

Photo credit: Bob Hundhausen

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