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PCA Board of Directors

Joe Jacquinot, President

Brian Laufenberg, Vice President

Bob Gates, Secretary

Dianne Jentz, Treasurer

Bob Hundhausen, Former President

Dave Carnahan

Robin Fatzinger

Steven "Spider" Fromader

Jamie Klein

Mike Penn

Kevin Podstawa

Gene Weber

Vacant #13




Don Francis, Lead Coordinator

Clay Shaffer, Deputy Coordinator

Platteville Community Arboretum Board of Directors position:

The PCA’s mission is to connect the Platteville Community to the Rountree Branch corridor through recreation, conservation and environmental education. The organization is composed of a 13-member Board of Directors, an Executive Board, 5 committees (Activities, Ecology, Finance, Membership & Marketing and Planning) and 2 Coordinators (part-time, paid staff). Our Board of Directors guide the decision making processes that allow us to fulfill our mission. Directors can expect to spend approximately +/- 5 hours per month on PCA activities and duties including:


  • Attend and participate in monthly board meetings on the third Monday of each month, 4-5 pm; virtual or in-person attendance options available. (Advance notice of absences are required to follow quorum voting procedures).

  • Serve on and participate in at least one committee

  • Help maintain organizational relationships with donors, corporate sponsors and members through annual thank you calls and in-person visits to extend appreciation of support

  • Help with organizational fundraising efforts such as: raffle ticket sales, kettle corn sales at Dairy Days, etc.

  • Track and self-report individual volunteer hours each month

Please fill out this brief application if you're interested in joining. 
Contact with questions.

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