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The PCA is truly a community effort, as all activities, projects and maintenance are fully supported by community volunteers, donations and memberships.

Memberships at any category level help support such efforts. See membership options below, support one of our current special fundraising campaigns, or donate and item from our ongoing wish list to help us maintain and grow the PCA.

Donations can be made securely online through PayPal by clicking on the buttons below. Or print a membership form below and mail to:


                                                               PO Box 302

                                                               Platteville, WI 53818

*Multi-year contributors of $250+ are known as "Trail Blazers" and recognized on trail information media


Membership Levels

Current Fundraising

Our annual spring Membership Drive is underway! Your new or renewed membership supports us in our mission in connecting the Platteville community to the Rountree Branch corridor, through recreation, conservation and environmental education. We appreciate donations of any amount and offer many opportunities to honor or recognize your donation. Read more here.


PCA Wish List


Please get in touch at if you'd like to donate an item from our wish list. Secondhand items are welcome!

  • One 10-foot log chain

  • Two 25-foot log chains

  • Utility cart/wagon for volunteers to transport tools/materials along trail (similar to this)

  • Premixed (gas + oil) fuel for PCA tools

  • $500 for materials for community science workshops

  • $1,000-4,000 for native seeds for restorations and ground cover post-honeysuckle removal

  • Water tank compatible with HPX615E John Deere Gator (for watering trees/gardens)

  • Trees - $7,000

  • Automatic trail counter of bikers and pedestrians- $7,000

  • $10,000-25,000 to cover any stream bank reinforcement in areas threatening trail but not covered by city grants

  • Estate gifts

  • Endowment gifts

  • Contributions to cover PCA’s portion of cost to seal coat the trail

  • Pick-up truck

  • An endowed/long-term contribution to cover one or both coordinators’ salaries

  • A one-time contribution to cover one or both coordinators’ salaries

  • Volunteers for 2 hour/week work teams, committees, board members or one-time tasks

  • Your best trail pictures for the 2023 calendar



  • Ron Weier for two battery operated drills

  • Kerry Long for a small refrigerator to cool bottles of water for volunteers

  • BARD Materials for the donation of gravel and labor on the creation of a more accessible gravel road to the PCA garage