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  • Sue Leamy Kies

What You’ve Always Wanted to Know About the PCA Finance Committee

“Basically, the Finance Committee oversees the income and outgo of PCA’s money,” said PCA President Bob Hundhausen, a member of that committee.

Brian Laufenberg, Dianne Jentz, and Bob Hundhausen. Not pictured: Ron Weier

Other members of the committee include Dianne Jentz, Ron Weier and Brian Laufenberg. Bob says the Finance Committee establishes a yearly budget and then members meet every three months or when needed to make sure that budget is on track. “Our work is not seasonal,” said PCA Treasurer Dianne Jentz. “There are duties year round. All monies (income and expenses) need to be accounted for by the treasurer and Finance Committee.”

The other PCA committees, Activities, Ecology, Marketing and Membership and Planning, often need capital to do their jobs, and the Finance Committee makes sure these other committees can follow through with their goals. Therefore, much of the Finance Committee’s focus is on fundraising. Members of that committee reach out to individuals and corporations for donations in order to fund trail maintenance and improvements. For example, a recent fundraising campaign provided funds for the new Gator. This equipment addition was much appreciated by Deputy Coordinator Clay Shaffer and the many volunteers who work on the trail.

Bob Hundhausen said another goal for the Finance Committee is to raise money for the Endowment Fund “to sustain PCA’s commitments to the city of Platteville to match annual trail repair” in order “to make sure PCA is still here long after all of us.”

Controlled burn in Keystone area of trail in November '22

A couple times a year the Platteville Fire Department helps PCA with controlled burns of the Keystone area and discarded brush piles. Last year in an act of community partnership, the Finance Committee held a raffle that raised $3,450 for the Platteville Fire Department. “It was really nice to be able to return the favor,” said Hundhausen.

“PCA has come a long way in becoming a very financially stable community organization,” Hundhausen said. He and Dianne Jentz and the rest of the Finance Committee agree that fundraising is the key to expanding the trail in the future, keeping it well-maintained and making it a viable resource of outdoor fun for generations to come.

“We can always use new fundraisers, donations, and, of course, volunteers!” Hundhausen said.

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