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Smile! You’re on Camera

The PCA was awarded a grant from the Platteville Community Fund (PCF) in November for security improvements of the garage. These funds will be used to purchase and install security cameras. Some of you may not know this, but earlier this year, the garage was broken into and several items were stolen. Since then, we have fortified the doors, worked with insurance to cover what items we can, and replaced the needed tools and equipment. This was an unforeseen expense and added time to our volunteers’ efforts on the trail.

The Board of Directors felt it was imperative to secure the garage as best we could, since we need everything stored in there for maintaining the trail. After the grant of $3,700 was awarded, TC Networks began the installation of the cameras. Hopefully, the visible cameras will be a strong deterrent for any future burglary attempts, but we are still prepared for the worst.

We are grateful to the PCF and TC Networks for helping us with this endeavor.

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