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Endowment Recognition On The Bridge

PCA’s President Joe Jacquinot personally got his hands dirty, learned some new technology, and created the endowment recognition boards at the UW-Platteville Huff Family Innovation Center (See more here: These boards have the names of our donors laser cut into them. This past fall, the boards were installed by PCA Deputy Coordinator, Clay Shaffer, with volunteers Dave Carnahan, Joe Miller, Scott Budd and Spider Fromader on the trail bridge near Valley Road.

This initiative is designed to recognize our endowment donors who want to help grow the forever funds that support our trails and arboretum.

Initial endowment donors on the Recognition Board include Gene & Jan Weber, Bill & Jean Sanders, Spider Fromader, Richard (Dick) Weber and Cindy Tang. These new endowments of $10,000 each have assisted the PCA to grow their endowment to $275,000, helping us climb towards our goal of $600,000.

“The prime motivation for contributing to the PCA endowment fund is to help ensure that the financial means to support PCA programs continue long after we can individually support them,” said Gene Weber.

In an exciting development, two other donors recently committed to establishing an endowment in 2024. For those of you who are at the stage of life when resources may be available (think RMD/QCD from an IRA) to establish a named family endowment ($10,000 minimum, over a three to five year period) that benefits our arboretum and trails, please email us to start the conversation. Donors will be recognized in local newspapers, via social media and on our newly anointed Endowment Recognition Bridge near Valley Road.

As an added incentive, 2024 family/business endowment donors will enjoy $2,500 in trailside honorarium/memorial naming rights. So, please consider making your mark on the Rountree Branch Trail today.

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