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President's Letter

PCA President Bob Hundhausen

Greetings from the trail,

The trail looks beautiful, as always, thanks to our wonderful volunteers who keep it this way.

This letter is a sad one. Grace Milanowski, our part time Lead Coordinator will be leaving us soon.

Her husband has gone and gotten himself better employment and they are moving north. When we hired Grace the hiring committee thought that maybe she was too good to be true. Her experience and knowledge about ecology, conservation, and organization of a group like ours was amazing.

PCA's mission is to connect the community to the Rountree Branch corridor through recreation, conservation, and environmental education. Grace has taught us about efficiently removing invasive species and planting native plants. She has taught us about bird watching and butterfly tagging. Her expertise on the tech side of things has improved our public presence and increased our membership and funding. She regularly consults with the board, she consults with our on-the-ground coordinator, Clay Shaffer, as well as working side by side regularly with our volunteers. She has organized outside volunteer groups on the trail including Saturday morning work sessions. She has represented PCA in front of various local organizations, the library, the Optimists, Good Morning Platteville, 100+ Women Who Care and various other service groups. In a few words: Grace has been too good to be true.

Most importantly Grace has made me look better as the president than I should have. Over these last few years, it has been a pleasure to work with her and although Grace has been paid, she has not done this for the money. She is another volunteer at heart. Thank you, Grace. I know that you will be awesome and successful at whatever you decide to do going forward. We hope that you will stay connected and remember PCA as a great experience.

Happy Trails,

Bob Hundhausen – PCA President

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