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  • Grace Milanowski

Mike and Dianna’s Trail of Love

Mike Sherer and Dianna Bearse’s love for each other and of the PCA and Rountree Branch trail yielded many generous donations to the PCA from their friends and family attending their wedding party last spring!

Mike and Diana were married on May 16, 2021 and decided to have a small wedding and a big party. Marrying later in life and both being financially secure meant they didn’t create a wedding registry for items, but many guests wanted to give wedding gifts to the couple anyway. Mike and Dianna creatively decided that it’d be a perfect chance for their guests to support some of the local charities important in their lives– PCA being one of them.

Mike and Dianna have always enjoyed taking walks together and Dianna notes, “The trail is one of our favorite places in the world. We love the peacefulness and the beautiful scenery.” They recently bought a house very near one of the trail branches, giving them the opportunity to be on the trail even more as a now-married couple.

The couple says they were excited to see the overwhelming generosity of their friends and family. ”In the end we received a lot of cash, which we divided up and sent to our charities, and told our guests in their thank you notes where the money went. They were all so pleased to be supporting such special groups, and the PCA donations topped all the rest.”

We at the PCA were pleasantly surprised to see many donations arrive “in honor of Mike and Dianna’s wedding” and loved the creative gift-giving idea. We send a big thanks to Mike, Dianna and all their wedding guests and wish them all happy trails!

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