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New John Deere Gator for PCA

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Recognizing PCA badly needed a new Gator, an anonymous donor and Spider Fromader both contributed $5,000 establishing a challenge match of $10,000. These matching funds enabled PCA to acquire a $15,000 Gator by spring startup with the remaining funds going toward trail and equipment maintenance. Sloan Implement provided a $1,900 charitable discount toward this match. Jan Weber’s Christmas gift to Gene was a $1,000 donation toward the Gator Challenge. Clay and Sue Shaffer also contributed $1,000. A total of 24 donors made gifts to fully meet the challenge match of $20,000!

Deputy Coordinator, Clay Shaffer (L) and PCA Director, Spider Fromader (R)

Our trail and Platteville Community supporters are truly amazing!

When asked why such a significant gift to PCA, our anonymous donor shared: “Anyone who has worked on the PCA trail knows the value of the Gator as a workhorse. The one PCA has had for years, is definitely showing its wear and tear along with its age. When working on the trail, I suggested to [the Coordinators] to put it on a wish list. So, when I saw it made the wish list, I felt I had to put my money where my mouth was.”

Spider noted: “When I saw an anonymous donor had contributed $5,000, I knew a new Gator was badly needed to help our great group of volunteers. I just feel like if I have the means, I should help out!”

Bob Hundhausen, PCA President said: “We so appreciate these challenge match donors. So many of our residents and businesses respond to these as they appreciate all that our donors and volunteers do." These matching funds means that a $100 donation will consequently net $200, or a $20 donation will net $40.

“We believe our previous Gator was built in the 1990s, used by the original donor and then given to a fire department. Finally, the original donor passed it on to us in 2006. It is likely over 25 years old and has served our 50 trail volunteers very well.” notes Gene Weber, Board Member. Thanks to all who contributed to this exciting new addition to the PCA!

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