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President's Letter

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

PCA President Bob Hundhausen

Greetings from the trail,

As we make our way through the bitter cold dog days of winter, PCA is going through a board member change that is also similarly bitter.

We are losing a long-time valued member of our board. I have had the privilege of working with Julie Pluemer in many ways.

Julie has done my personal taxes. Julie is the person I call for tax advice when clients have a tax question that I am unsure about. I have also been on the PCA board with Julie for about six years. (Wow time flies).

Julie has been on our board for 16 years, 15 of those as treasurer. If you don’t know, the treasurer of any organization is the most indispensable position. Julie held this position in the most competent way until she showed the ropes to our current treasurer, Dianne Jentz. But Julie has been so much more than our bean counter. Many of the processes that PCA uses to maintain our budget and donations were established by Julie. She was a part of the original group that did the heavy lifting and built our trail. Julie is an avid biker, hiker and Master Gardener, the trifecta passion for a trail advocate. Julie’s gardens at Katie’s Garden are beautiful and meticulously maintained, almost as if they were done by someone who is as detailed in her day-to-day job.

Julie’s commitment to the community has not been limited to PCA. I have purchased all my United Way, non-winning raffle tickets from Julie. She is also a member of the Quota Club and is involved in community service in Montfort, Wisconsin as well.

Julie’s PCA board presence will be sorely missed. But she will be around. If you spot Julie on her bike or hiking on a trail or making the world more beautiful in a garden, please tell her thank you from all of us and best of luck in whatever her next passion may be.

Happy Trails,

Bob Hundhausen – PCA President

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