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Editor’s Tribute to Julie Pluemer

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Julie and I were charter members of the PCA board when first founded in 2004 and made up the finance committee with David Canny. Julie has been a wonderful asset to PCA and the community for 16 years, most of which she has served as treasurer. She kept us on track financially, never failing to have our financial reports available monthly. And when we took on the $1.67 million Moving Platteville Outdoors paving and lighting project, she extended her time commitment to assure we accounted for every donated dollar. She is also a phenomenal Master Gardener and continues to care for major garden plots in Katie’s Garden that she began in 2004. Julie, we cannot thank you enough for all your wonderful efforts - you are the best!

Julie Pluemer at Katie's Garden, spring 2021

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