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  • Sue Leamy Kies

Colin Fritz, PCA’s Youngest Volunteer, Values Team Work

Twelve-year-old Colin Fritz, son of Brian and Jessica Fritz, is this newsletter’s featured volunteer. Now in 5th grade at Platteville Middle School, Colin loves to play team sports like basketball, football and baseball.

Colin began working on the trail three summers ago when he was only nine years old. On Tuesday mornings he accompanies his Grandpa Gary Fritz to help the crew with weeding, invasive vine removal, trimming—or whatever tasks need doing to make the trail more usable and beautiful.

His coworkers say they really appreciate his help—and also the treats he bakes and shares with them. Crew leader Sue Shaffer says he’s an asset to the crew. “He’s a very hard worker” and knows how to cooperate to get the job done.

Colin with Grandpa Gary

Thank you for being a dedicated volunteer, Colin! Keep up the good work.

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