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PCA 2023 Calendars and Sassy’s Vacation Have Arrived!

Hot off the presses in plenty of time for Holiday gifts—the 2023 PCA Calendar and the children’s book Sassy’s Vacation!

The calendar will not only keep your dates straight but treat you and yours to the beauty of the trail all year long. Thanks to all who submitted your stunning seasonal photos, and congratulations to those whose work is featured on the calendar pages: Shannon Baxter, Tamara Bradley, Brooke Brockman, Lisa Cruse, Dianne Edgette, Bob Hundhausen, Victoria Hundhausen, Sue Kies, Anthony Malo, Grace Milanowski, Dena Nechkash, Karin Peacock, Sylvie Rohou, Marsha Schneider, Rob Serres, Sally Stead, Gene Weber, Marie Whisenant and Fallon Zimmerman. (please note photo credit correction in calendars: Brooke Buch took the photo of the bee balm flowers on July page.)

Sassy’s Vacation is a children’s book geared toward ages 4 to 8. The story is told by Sassy, a snapping turtle who lives in Rountree Branch. Based on a true story, the book follows Sassy who is caught by a little girl named Ruby while fishing with her father. Written by Sue Leamy Kies and illustrated by Ric Genthe, the narrative informs young readers about the lives of snapping turtles in the area and how they survive in winter.

The calendars go for $8, and Sassy’s Vacation for $10. You can feel good about your purchases because all proceeds go toward the upkeep of the trail. You may get your copies at the Driftless Market, 95 W. Main St; the Platteville Regional Chamber, 275 W Business Hwy 151; or Bob Hundhausen’s Edward D. Jones Office, 2 Insight Drive, Suite B.

Get your copies of the PCA 2023 Calendar and Sassy’s Vacation today!

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