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Blacktop is Back!

PCA and our city have a wonderful collaboration going with the upkeep of the trail. It’s likely you noticed the new surface on the trail from the dog park to Business Highway 151 by Fastenal. Howard Crofoot, the Public Works Director, contracted with a local sealing company to coat that section of the trail this past summer.

Our city does a section every year with PCA matching the city costs up to $2,500 per year. Sealing has now been completed from Menard’s trail entrance to Business Highway 151. City Staff (and providers) recommended that the trail should be sealed every five years. All that remains is the section from Business Highway 151 to the UW-Platteville campus.

Seal coat start on south side of Endowment Bridge by Valley Road

Clearly, it is important to have built a $1.67 million trail amenity; but, it is even more important to maintain the asset in appreciation for the 500 donors/volunteers that made that happen. However, since it makes it easier to travel on the trail, continuing to have a smooth surface is just smart.

Our PCA work crews (50 volunteers working 2+ hours per week) do a phenomenal job of maintaining and enhancing the trail sides and our 17 acres beyond the gazebo. Since we don’t have any asphalt sealing equipment, we appreciate the City’s support when the trail requires special equipment.

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