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What About Bob? The PCA’s First Chamber President

Victoria & Bob Hundhausen

Since David Canny first chartered the Platteville Community Arboretum and Trail in 2004, its leadership not only developed one of our community’s greatest inclusive environmental and recreational assets, but it has also developed leaders for other nonprofit, service, and government organizations. For example, Amy Seeboth-Wilson and Bob Gates have gone on to be City Council members. Today, we are celebrating Bob Hundhausen as PCA’s first president of the Platteville Regional Chamber. I asked Bob a few questions about his role, and here are his responses.

Q: Why did you choose to join the Chamber and eventually become president?

A: I was asked to join the Chamber Board. I joined because I believe in their mission of promoting our local businesses and assets. The Chamber has allowed me to connect with fellow business people across this community. There are good, hard-working people in the Chamber. I love the connections with our service groups, the University, and our business community. I honestly don't remember how I became president, but it was very soon after joining the Board.  I guess that I am a power-hungry crazy person, but I always appreciate being in the room where good things happen.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish for the Chamber and community in this role?  

A: I very much hope to be a good representative of the Chamber and our community. Platteville has been so good to my business and my family; I appreciate the opportunity to participate and give back. I hope to play a small part in maintaining and improving our Chamber relationships with the community and fellow businesses.

Q: What do you see as side benefits for PCA and the community because of this role?

A: Actually, quite a few: Recently, the Chamber facilitated putting a water line into Katie's Garden. This will help the Master Gardeners have much easier access to water on those hot days to make the garden beautiful and though we don't directly volunteer in the garden, I selfishly think of it as part of our trail. Likewise, I love the Chamber's Partnership with Building Platteville in both the Haunted Halloween Garden Event and Katie's Winter Wonderland. The Chamber often allows me to see bigger pictures that benefit PCA. We have recently been discussing additional Historical Walks and a possible signature Bike Race and/or Fun Run that would utilize/promote and fundraise for the trail. The trail comes up all the time in the Chamber and it is cool to see how many different people and entities consider it to be an extremely important asset for Platteville. 

Wayne Wodarz, Executive Director of the Platteville Regional Chamber, shares: “The Platteville Regional Chamber has been well served by having Bob Hundhausen as its President. Bob has so many connections to our business community that he has been able to promote the Chamber at many venues and events. His engagement with our community has been an added bonus to his presence on the Chamber Board. He has been very visible at our Ribbon Cuttings and social events, but also has participated in many of our educational programs as well. Bob also brings a perspective that is reflective of many of the volunteer efforts he supports. For instance, his background with the Platteville Community Arboretum has been quite helpful on the Tourism Council as we stress the importance of promoting our local and regional Outdoor Recreation opportunities. And in return, his connection to Chamber events has allowed the PCA to promote and educate our community on recreation and environmental issues.”

Dianne Jentz, VP of Heartland Credit Union and PCA Treasurer, noted: “I have been fortunate to work with Bob and he’s a very humble workhorse. I’m not sure how he does all that he does, but he’s a very giving man and super supportive of our Platteville community. As a side note, I know he has a passion for comics and Marvel movies. I’m not saying he’s Superman, but I don’t think anyone has ever seen him and Superman in the same room.”

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