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  • Robin Fatzinger

Welcome Back, Volunteers!

A luncheon for all current and potential trail volunteers was held Saturday, April 15th at Steve’s Pizza to kick off the new season. Approximately 40 volunteers were able to attend. President Joe Jacquinot welcomed everyone and introduced the board members. Past President Bob Hundhausen thanked the volunteers for all of their work and reviewed the many accomplishments made on the trail in 2022. Don Francis introduced himself as new Lead Coordinator and told the groups that over 300 PCA volunteers logged 2,300 hours in 2022. The volunteers worked on projects such as removing honeysuckle and other invasives, removing downed trees and planting 80 new trees and shrubs, mowing and maintaining the trail, and spreading native seed in the restoration areas.

Mr. Ron Endres spoke to the group about the 35 pounds of native seed he has donated to PCA over the past two years. This seed is being used in the restoration areas along the trail. The PCA is very thankful for his generous donation.

PCA was extremely pleased that Karen Canny and daughter Tiffany were able to attend this event as the trail is named after Dr. David Canny.

PCA would like to thank Noah and Ashley Jenkins of Steve’s Pizza for providing the pizza and soda for this event. Their support is greatly appreciated and enjoyed by all who were able to attend.

If you or a friend are interested in volunteering for the PCA, please go to the volunteer page on our website ( and submit the online form.

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