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Steve Roelli of Tucson, AZ heard about the David Canny Rountree Branch Trail from his good friend Gary Leahy (L) this past winter.  So he and his wife made a point of visiting Platteville this month.  Steve shares that Tucson has 60 miles of trails circling the city, but Platteville’s is much more scenic, natural, easier to ride, and has lighting.  (Plus it does not have rattlesnakes or cactus spines!)  


The David Canny Rountree Branch Trail with its three miles of lighting is the longest lit trail in the region. The trailhead for the David Canny Rountree Branch Trail is easy to find, located just off West Business Highway 151 near Delta 3 Engineering and Las Palmas Authentic Mexican Restaurant. 

Steve Roelli (R) of Tucson, AZ chats with his friend Gary Leahy (L)

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